ZaC Vanacoro - Bassist


Zac Vanacoro has been playing bass for ten years and is a graduate of Berklee College of Music. His early years of playing began in orchestras but as his playing style developed and changed so did the settings and genres in which he performed. He's played many venues across the east coast with groups ranging from symphonic orchestras to, singer/songwriters, to R&B acts including being featured on WEMF Boston radio.



Associated Acts



M.G.O. is a NY/CT based rock band that formed in 2016. They have played venues all throughout the east coast including the CBGB Music & Film Festival in NYC, the Patterson Blues Festival in Patterson, NY, The Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ, the NYC Marathon and many more. Inspired by rock & roll and R&B acts dating from the 60's to today, M.G.O. incorporates old-school influences to create a modern rock sound.

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Small Fires

Small Fires is a New York based rock band that formed in 2018.  The group blends the styles of folk and R&B into sound that is entirely its own.  Their first single, "Soft Misery" is going to be released in July of 2018.


Cold Wilson

Cold Wilson is New York based Indie-Rock band with roots in Boston and Los Angeles.  The band has played venues up and down the east and west coasts, and has recorded and worked with producers and musicians in cities across the U.S. such as Portland, Los Angeles, New York and Boston.

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Soul Sessions

The Soul Sessions are multi-media performances based in Northern Westchester that highlight the music and lives of classic soul, blues, funk and R&B artists though the use of sound and documentary style footage.  The group consisting of New York City and Westchester based musicians celebrates the careers of such artists from Muddy Waters to Smokey Robinson to Prince.

Goldee Greene Trio

The Goldee Greene Trio is a Putnam/Westchester County based jazz group that consists of Goldee Greene on vocals, Tai Aguirre on guitar and Zac Vanacoro on bass.  Together, the trio regularly performs standards and pieces from the Great American Songbook.



Chicken Brains - EP

by Zac Vanacoro







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